Accepting where we are now…even if it is not where we want to be…is essential to moving forward and creating change.

I was recently speaking with a client who had a miserable time at a party because she spent the whole time comparing her body to another woman whom she felt had the “perfect body”. She felt self-conscious and was jealous that the other woman could look amazing in a tight fitting dress.

She also noticed that another friend, who was heavier than she was, was having a blast at the party, dancing around without a care in the world.

“Why can’t I be like her? And just not care how much I weigh?!” exclaimed my client.

I often wondered this in the past. It didn’t seem to matter what my weight was…sure my confidence was boosted a bit when my weight was lower…but it was never good enough. I felt as though I could never quite get there…wherever there was.

I now know that ‘there’ is a place of acceptance with my body. And I have discovered that this place is NOT determined by the number on the scale.

When it comes to losing weight and feeling confident in our bodies, it is essential to start from a place of acceptance.

I know what you are thinking….’I could never be happy and accept myself at my current weight.’

The thing is, accepting where you are now does NOT mean that you have to stay there.

It does mean that you are at peace with your starting point. This is essential so that you can make change from a place of power instead of a place of desperation…which leaves us running to fad diets that promise we will lose 10 lbs in 10 days…and then gain it back in 5.

The truth is, you can start feeling more confident in your body TODAY at your current weight. And when we feel good about our bodies we are motivated to make decisions that support us in our goals.

Here are the 3 crucial steps to get you going on your body love journey.

Let go of comparisons

Comparing your body to the women around you is silly. You cannot change the body you were born with, so there really is no point in wishing that you looked like Gisele.

Instead of concentrating on the things you want to change, start appreciating your body for all the things it does for you everyday. Love it for allowing you to move gracefully in yoga class. Thank it for bringing your children into the world and having the strength to carry them in your arms. Love your body for giving you the ability to feel the sunshine on your skin, taste delicious foods and gaze at a star filled sky.

Let go of expectations and measurements around your weight

Do you think that you have to reach a certain weight before you will be happy? Does the number on the scale, dictate how you will feel about yourself throughout the day?

I encourage you to let go of expectations around your weight. The truth is that you don’t have to be a certain weight to be happy with your body. What if you had no idea how much you weighed but you felt good about how you looked? That is all that matters, right.

Instead of making it your goal to reach a certain weight, make your goal to love how your body looks and feels.

Treat yourself like a queen

Taking really good care of yourself will do wonders for your body confidence. Make this a priority and non-negotiable everyday!

I will be holding a webinar this Wednesdy Feb 18th at 8 PM CST where I will outlining the 5 things you can make part of your daily routine to start feeling more confident in your body today. Click here to sign up.

I know how frustrating it is to feel like you will forever be stuck in a body that you are unhappy with. I promise you that this can change! Start with the three steps above so that you can accept where you are now in your body journey. From there, you can make smart, empowered choices around food and your body.

Lots of love,


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