Transformational Coach

      & Business Mentor

           for coaches and healers







Transformational Coach & Business Mentor

for coaches and healers

You have so much value to offer the world.

But that little voice in your head keeps saying you aren’t ready. You want to build your business and start making an impact in your clients’ lives, but you’re scared of failing.

Here’s what I know. Confidence isn’t something that magically appears. You can build it by finding clarity and taking action.

I’d love to help you make it happen.

Who I am and what I do:


I’m Kristin, a holistic doctor, transformational coach and business mentor. I help women overcome feelings of self-doubt, perfectionism and overwhelm so they can take courageous action in their businesses and their lives. Through practical business strategy and critical inner work, I empower my clients to create the impact, income and lifestyles they’re dreaming of.

Who I work with:


Health coaches who are ready to build a thriving coaching business. They’re done working an unfulfilling job just for the paycheck and long to create a big impact and income doing work they love. In many cases, my clients have experienced their own health or emotional challenges and now feel called to help others.

These women have all the transformational tools in their pockets and are always eager to better themselves but often get stuck when it comes to applying all that they’ve learned. Most likely they are introverted, sensitive, empathetic, which means they face another layer of challenges around visibility and perfectionism. If all goes unchecked, they may even start doubting their abilities as a coach and entrepreneur.

What we do together:

We work on you and your business. We uncover the fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from becoming the confident woman and leader you are meant to be. My goal is for you to stand in your power and BE an inspiration to your clients.

We also get into the business nitty-gritty. We dive into your story and gifts and get clear on exactly who you’re meant to work with and the transformational process you will walk your clients through. Together we design an aligned marketing plan that will allow you to spread your message, attract your ideal clients and create the income you desire – so you can stop worrying about money and start living your dream.

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.

–Brené Brown

My story: Leaving the clinic to build my dream life

I know what it is like to know you have important work to do in the world but feel paralyzed by your own fears and doubts.

I spent years chasing other people’s dreams and following a conventional path that was supposed to bring me success, happiness and fulfillment. It didn’t.

Back in 2014, I was working as a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner in Florida, pursuing the career I’d spent eight years of my life and hundreds of thousands of dollars of tuition on. I knew a ton about nutrition and natural health and had worked alongside leaders in the holistic nutrition field, and yet I was still struggling with an eating disorder and various chronic health issues (food sensitivities, digestive problems and breakouts).

I was bewildered by the fact that I knew so much about healing and yet was unable to apply this knowledge to myself. As I realized how important the mind-body-soul connection was to healing, I started to feel like a hypocrite handing out supplements and healing diets, and sending patients on their way.

I knew I was meant to be helping people but working at the clinic felt totally out of alignment with my true path. I longed for freedom and authenticity – no more long hours dressing and acting the part of Dr. Kristin.

I finally realized that nobody was going to come save me (no white knight or fairy godmother) and nothing was going to magically change unless I made it happen.

Ditching the excuses and making it happen

Starting my business, aligning with my purpose and pursuing the life I had always dreamed of living was the catalyst in my own personal transformation.

I stopped making excuses as to why I had to keep waiting to live the life I was dreaming of (too shy, too fat, not good at business stuff, still working on my own issues…) and made it happen.

Now I have a business I absolutely love that leaves me excited and deeply fulfilled creatively and spiritually. I am free to be my authentic self in all areas of my life, and to talk about the things I’m most passionate about. My business allows me the freedom to go to yoga or for a hike in the mountains whenever I feel like it – I even moved to Colorado to spend more time in the sunshine. AND I have the financial freedom to invest in the things that are important to me, including yoga, organic food, traveling and my own personal growth.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping other coaches become confident leaders and start their own businesses. I know it’s within reach if you truly decide to make it happen.

Are you ready to become your most confident self and start creating the business and life you are dreaming of?