Happy Wednesday!

Hard to believe that a week ago today I was surrounded by snow and today I was out walking my dog in short sleeves! Yay spring!

I love the newness of spring. Those first shoots of green grass, the birds chirping around excitedly after a winter of snow and cold and the shift in the air from cool and crisp to warm and soft.

Spring promises a new beginning, a fresh start each year no matter how cold and snowy the winter was.

Speaking of new beginning, in the past few weeks, I have spoken to a number of aspiring entrepreneurs who have big dreams of creating a coaching business..but are scared to start. They each have an amazing message to share with the world but feel a ton of resistance around putting themselves out there.

As a heart centered, sensitive entrepreneur, I’ve been there, so I totally get it!

Being vulnerable is tough. But it is especially difficult for the sensitive entrepreneur who finds herself hyperaware of the criticism of others and terrified of failure and ‘not being good enough’.

“Most people believe that vulnerability is a weakness. But really vulnerability is courage. We must ask ourselves…are we willing to show up and be seen?”
~Brené Brown

I really do think this is the big question.

Do you want to make your dream business work so bad that you are willing to push through the discomfort of putting yourself out there?…even when you don’t feel ready…which believe me, you never will.

I know there are people just waiting to work with you but if you aren’t being visible they will never find you.

I still remember quite clearly the fear I had to push through when I first started sharing my personal journey with emotional eating. I was terrified of being judged for my struggles.

Instead, I found that in my willingness to share my story, I connected more deeply with people. I discovered there were a huge number of women who shared my same struggle and were thankful for my openness.

When you put your story out there, people will connect with you and your journey. They will trust you and want to learn more.

Had I not pushed through the fear of being vulnerable, I would still be sitting around dreaming longingly about the coaching business I desired.

Daring to take that leap has allowed me to actually build the business I always dreamed of. The best part is I get to work with clients I adore, helping them push through the very same barriers that held me back for so many years.

Yes, I still face fear each time I release something new into the world…everything from a facebook post to a blog post or new program.

But the reward for pushing through the fear is so worth the momentary discomfort before I push the publish button.

For me the desire to create a business and life I love was greater than my fear of being vulnerable, so I took the leap and continue to take it each and every day.

In honor of spring and new beginnings, I am inviting you to take the leap with me.

I have a few spots open for my Business and Confidence Boost for Health Coaches private coaching program. If you are ready to build your dream business and want to see if this program is a good fit for you, I invite you to book a free discovery call with me today!
**I am offering a bonus 90 minute intensive coaching session to jump start your business if you sign up for my private program before April 10th.**

Lots of love,


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