I have exciting news to share with you this week! I bought a new car! Well, used car…but new to me. Yay! This is something I have been waiting to do for months and am thrilled to have taken the leap.
And now I am planning a cross-country road trip (in my new car…of course!) for this summer.
This trip is something I have been dreaming of for years. Due to my wandering, (I’ve lived in 7 states in the past 12 years) I have friends scattered around the US who I haven’t seen in years.
I have been eager to visit, but had continued to delay doing so due to not having the time, not having the money, having to focus on my business, feeling blah about myself, etc.

Pretty much just a bunch of excuses.

I am done with waiting. It’s time to throw the excuses aside and follow my heart and have some fun in the process.

Are you forever playing the waiting game in your life?
Waiting to go after your dreams? Waiting to have fun? Take that vacation? Schedule the massage? Wear that new dress?
I spent most of my life waiting….waiting to lose weight, waiting for my skin to clear up, waiting to no longer feel crazy around food, waiting to feel more confident, waiting to start my coaching business, waiting to have enough money to take trips and visit friends.

I find the more I live in alignment with my desires and do the things I really want to do, the less the things I was waiting on matter.
This is something I continue to work on…as you can see with my car and my trip. But my first big step was starting my coaching business.
And I continue to take steps to live more each and every day.
I’ve let so many opportunities for fun and enjoyment slip through my fingers because I told myself I couldn’t do the things I really wanted to do until I got all my shit figured out and perfected myself.
Needless to say, this was a good way to keep myself stuck. Stuck battling food and my body and stuck in jobs that were unfulfilling and not aligned with my true passions.
It all came down to making the decision to stop waiting and start living…even though it was uncomfortable and I didn’t feel ready.

If you are feeling stuck in an area of your life, I highly recommend that you reconnect with your big WHY.
And there are two whys to look at:
1. Your personal why
2. Your bigger purpose why
For example:
If you are forever waiting to start your coaching business, reconnect with why you want to start your business in the first place.
Personal why:
You want to make money doing something you are passionate about…and you want to escape a job you hate 😉
You want the freedom to set your own hours and travel
You want to spend more time with your children
Bigger Purpose why:
Help women live a life they love
Help women love their bodies and their whole self
Show women how powerful they really are

These are just some of my personal examples. Now it is your turn!
When you feel clear about your why, then ask yourself what is one baby step you can take TODAY to move you toward that thing you desire.

And then do it! You got this!
Love lots!


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