Are you struggling to figure out your coaching niche?

If you said, YES, you’re in good company.

Almost ALL of the coaches I work with need support with figuring out their niche.

I see many coaches debating their niche for months…sometimes even years and because of this, they stay stuck in a state of confusion, spinning, and never really moving forward with their business.

This is highly unfortunate because while you are busy have ‘niche drama’ in your head, there are people out there struggling who would greatly benefit from your support.

And when coaches do pick a niche, I often find that they don’t really understand how to explain what they do from a ‘marketing’ perspective. So what happens is their messaging falls flat, it doesn’t resonate with people and definitely does not effectively convey the amazing transformation that they help provide.

That is exactly why I created this video for you. To help you avoid the common mistakes I see most coaches make when deciding on a niche. 

Click HERE to watch it.

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