How to Create Health Coaching Programs

I just got back from a whirlwind weekend to Minnesota with my sister and mom to visit my other sister and friend. It was a fabulous little trip filled with laughter (lots of it!), food, shopping and the farmer’s market (of course!). It was exactly the little getaway I...

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Hello from the Colorado mountains!

I spent an amazing weekend playing in the Colorado mountains. My cousin was in town visiting from DC so we were running around trying to get in as much fun as we could while she was here. This included the Denver Art Museum, a day exploring and hiking in Boulder and a...

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Is Indecision Killing your Dreams?

Lately I’ve been getting all sorts of signs that it is time to make a decision. I’ve felt a bit scattered, distracted and unclear. I’ve found myself questioning certain actions and wondering if I am doing enough or the ‘right’ thing. I’ve had dreams of storms and...

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