Confidence & Clients

Confidently sign your first (or next) paying client as a health coach 


You're ready to make a big, beautiful impact while earning an income that gives you freedom to:

Help People

In a meaningful way while working from anywhere in the world

Enjoy Life

Spend more time having fun with your loved ones 

Pursue your Passions

Traveling, hiking, yoga, cooking, art, personal growth

But now that it's time to find your first clients, you're thinking...'I have no clue how to run a business!'

  • You thought you'd feel more ready, more confident. Instead, you're scared of messing everything up and looking like a BIG FAILURE.
  • There are a million things you could be doing so you have no idea where to focus your time and energy to get results (clients + income).

You’re waiting for a burst of confidence to come and propel you into action, but in your heart you know that isn’t really how it works.

Confidence comes through facing your fears and taking action.

It’s much easier with a coach at your side. Let me hold your hand, break everything down into small actionable steps, and help you get your business off the ground.

What if you had a coaching program to help you:

  • Overcome self-doubt, perfectionism and analysis paralysis so you can get visible and get clients!
  • Get clear on your ideal client and your offers so you can confidently sell your programs and create the abundance you desire and deserve.
  • Learn the most effective way to quickly grow your list and create a community of ideal clients who are eager to work with you.
  • Have powerful sales conversations that you enjoy and actually look forward to!
  • Truly love yourself, feel healthy and create real peace with your mind and body so you can support others more fully.

And above all, build a thriving coaching business (so you can do the work you love)!


We'll cut through the noise. And focus on the fundamental building blocks your business needs to succeed.

Without these key pieces in place, you won’t get the consistent results you need for the income and impact you’re dreaming of. (I’m sorry, but it’s true!)

We'll get to work, focusing on:

Ideal Client Clarity & Messaging

Create a profile of the person you’ll love working with and that your unique experience, personality, and knowledge are the perfect fit for.

Learn how to speak directly to your ideal client and show them the results you’ll help them achieve – so they can’t wait to work with you!

Packages & Pricing

We outline the process you’ll lead your clients through to create powerful transformation in their health and lives, building a program they’re excited to sign up for.

Discover the pricing sweet spot that will earn an easy ‘yes’ from your people while creating the income you desire.

Time Management & Goal Setting

Start using your calendar as a tool to keep you efficient and out of overwhelm.

Set concrete goals for your business and come up with a simple step-by-step plan for making significant progress in the next few months.

Sales Conversations & Handling Objections

Shift your mindset from selling to serving and have powerful sales conversations that flow easily and don’t feel pushy or uncomfortable. Discover how to work through common objections and guide the client to making an aligned decision.

Marketing & Content Creation

Get your services in front of your ideal clients. Create a marketing plan that lights you up and utilizes your skills, whether you love to write and take pictures or thrive during small group sessions or thoughtful social media interactions. Start with authentic content that highlights your expertise and then build relationships with your ideal clients in which working together is a natural next step.

A special reminder (just for you!)

There are clients waiting for YOU to get visible so you can help them. Let’s make it happen!


Confidently sign your next paying client.



But I have to be honest:

Business know-how isn't enough.

If this were the case, you would be well on your way to success with those 500 free business webinars and ebooks you downloaded.

What’s really holding most new health coaches back is lack of confidence in themselves and uncertainty about the value of the service they offer.

I’ve been there too. Back when I started my coaching business, all my fears and limiting beliefs about myself were thrown in my face. I quickly realized that knowing how to run a business was a very small part of actually being successful – my mindset, beliefs and habits were the biggest factors impacting my ability to thrive.


Here's what most people miss:

The inner and outer work need to happen side by side. Let’s do the inner work you need to become a confident and inspiring coach

While you build your business, we zero in on these three critical areas:


Confidence: Uncover your most authentic self and recognize that you do indeed have something truly valuable to offer the world

This is essential because I know many new coaches are still struggling with their own challenges and are wondering 'who am I to tell others what to do when I am still working on myself?!' 

When you take daily action to prioritize YOUR happiness and wellbeing you become an inspiration to others (and have the energy to focus on your business).


Mindset: Breakthrough limiting beliefs and know you deserve success

As an introvert and perfectionist, I know how easy it can be to get stuck and feel ‘not good enough.’ When you have limiting beliefs and old stories running through your head, it is incredibly difficult to make progress in your business…and in all areas of your life. We rewrite your story with you as the hero so you can actively create your dream life.


Spirituality: Listen to your heart and let it be easy

This is not about religion. It is about connecting with your highest self (whether you call it God, spirit, the universe, etc) and following your true path. This is also how you work with your intuition, creativity, imagination and manifesting powers to welcome real growth into your life and business.

Your business isn’t some short-lived love affair, right?

I didn’t think so. You want to create a sustainable business that will support and nurture you over the long-term – no burnout. This deeper work will set you up for lasting success in a way that no other business coaching can.


Imagine what it would feel like to do the work you’re truly passionate about. To create your very own business that is a reflection of your unique combination of personal experience, skills, and interests. Imagine making a huge impact on the world and creating an amazing income doing so! Now, what if you had the freedom to be 100% yourself in your business and your life and had the flexibility to set your own schedule and work from anywhere?

Sounds pretty magical, right?

This is totally doable for you!


Hi! I'm Kristin.

I’ve helped hundreds of coaches start and build successful online businesses.

Some of the awesome things my clients have done during our time working together include:

  • Quitting their 9-5 jobs to step into coaching full-time
  • Making over $25K in one month!
  • Moving across the country
  • Starting and growing a Facebook group to 1000+ ideal clients
  • Fully booking their coaching practice with high-paying clients
  • Being invited to speak at an event for 800 women
  • Getting published in online journals such as Mindbodygreen, Elephant Journal, and Tiny Buddha
  • Improving their relationships with themselves, their partners, and their families


I run my multi-6-figure coaching business from my home in the Colorado mountains. I’ve created the freedom and the flexibility I’ve always dreamed of for myself...setting my schedule around my lifestyle and often working from my back porch or wherever I happen to be traveling.

I can truly say I’m living the life I’d always dreamed of (but didn’t believe was really possible for me). 

Honestly, the path to get here wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns.

Check out my Youtube channel. It's generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue in my coaching business.

I know what it's like to know you have important work to do in the world but feel paralyzed by your own fears and doubts.

I spent years chasing other people’s dreams and following a conventional path that was supposed to bring me success, happiness, and fulfillment. It didn’t.

Back in 2014, I was working as a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner, pursuing the career I’d spent eight years of my life and hundreds of thousands of dollars of tuition on. 

I knew I was meant to be helping people but working at the clinic felt totally out of alignment with my true path. I longed for freedom and authenticity – no more long hours dressing and acting the part of Dr. Kristin.

I finally realized that nobody was going to come save me (no white knight or fairy godmother) and nothing was going to magically change unless I made it happen.

Ditching the excuses and making it happen.

Starting my business, aligning with my purpose and pursuing the life I had always dreamed of living was the catalyst in my own personal transformation.

I stopped making excuses as to why I had to wait to live the life of my dreams (like I was too shy, didn’t know enough, wasn’t good at business stuff, still working on my own issues) and DECIDED to make it happen.

Now I have a business I absolutely love that leaves me excited and deeply fulfilled creatively and spiritually. I am free to be my authentic self in all areas of my life, and to talk about the things I’m most passionate about. 

My business allows me the freedom to go to yoga or for a hike in the mountains whenever I feel like it. I even moved to Colorado to spend more time in the sunshine, bought my dream house with amazing mountain views and met the perfect man (cheesy, I know, but all real and amazing). On top of all that, I have the financial freedom to invest in the things and experiences that are important to me and enhance my life.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping other coaches become confident leaders and start their own businesses. I know it’s within reach if you truly decide to make it happen.

Become your most confident self and start creating the business and life you're dreaming of!


Confidence & Clients 6 Month Coaching Program

This program is perfect for new or aspiring coaches who want to boost their confidence as a coach, have a step-by-step plan for setting up their business and marketing systems, and sign paying clients.

By the time you finish this program you can expect to achieve:

Overcome self-doubt, perfectionism and analysis paralysis so you can get visible and get clients!

Get clear on your ideal client and your offers so you can confidently sell your programs and create the abundance you desire and deserve.

Learn the most effective way to quickly grow your list and create a community of ideal clients who are eager to work with you.

Have powerful sales conversations that you enjoy and actually look forward to!

​​Feel totally confident in your skills as a coach

Truly love yourself, feel healthy and create real peace with your mind and body so you can be an example of what’s possible and support others more fully.

Sound like the exact solution you've been looking for?

When you enroll in Confidence & Clients you get...


Video modules that walk you through the exact steps to take in your business each week. They include teaching and tutorial videos. You have lifelong access to this in a membership site so you can refer back to it even after you’ve completed the program.


Weekly group coaching calls held over zoom. This is your opportunity to receive personalized coaching from me. We will uncover the limiting beliefs holding you back so you are free to move forward with confidence. You can submit questions to be answered even if you cannot attend the call live. All calls are recorded and available for you to listen to at your convenience. 


Handouts, examples, and scripts that allow you to grow your business with ease


Private Facebook group just for the coaches going through the program. This is a place to get your questions answered from me personally and from your fellow coaches. You are part of an amazingly supportive and inspiring community.


Weekly check-in with your accountability partner. You will be teamed up with a fellow coach each week so that you can build connections with like-minded people and support each other with that week’s action steps.

Learning Modules Include...

  • Manifest the Life you Want - Get clear on your vision for your business and life so we can get to work manifesting those things into your reality.
  • Become your Most Productive Self - Learn how to use your calendar to set goals and make them happen! Say goodbye to procrastination and overwhelm.
  • Boost your Self-Confidence - Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs and break through your fears so you become unstoppable at achieving all your biggest goals. 
  • Master your Coaching Skills - Discover my top coaching tools that lead to massive breakthroughs and transformations. Learn how to structure your coaching sessions for success!
  • Nail your Ideal Client & Messaging - Finally get clear on your ideal client/niche/target market and learn how to communicate what you do in a way that leaves people excited to work with you.
  • Design your Signature Program - Lay out the step-by-step process that you’ll walk your clients through when you work together. Pick the perfect price point for your program.
  • Set up your Business Systems - Get your business systems and structures in place so you have a streamlined process for signing new clients. We’ll cover contracts, intake forms, taking payment and using an online scheduler.
  • Master your Consultation Calls - Discover how to have a powerful conversation with your potential clients that feel amazing and leaves them excited to work with you.
  • Discover how to get Clients - Learn the best way to get clients for YOU. We all have different strengths, interests, and connections. We’ll dive into coming up with the best plan for you. You’ll understand the process of attracting and signing clients so you’re empowered to reach your client and income goals.
  • Become a Professional Content Creator - Learn how to create a month’s worth of juicy content in a few hours.
  • Create an Authentic Marketing Plan - Create a plan to quickly grow your community and attract paying clients. The most effective marketing path for you is individualized based on your ideal client and your strengths and interests. I will provide you with a game plan for building your community and getting clients using different marketing techniques (both online and in person) and you get to choose which ones you focus on. 
  • Facebook Marketing - Learn how to set up your Facebook business page and create your very own Facebook group. Discover how to build your Facebook group and create a highly engaged community of ideal clients. 
  • Instagram Marketing - Learn how to use Instagram to effectively market your coaching business. 
  • Youtube Marketing - Learn how to use Youtube to get visible and build community. Learn how to confidently create authentic and engaging videos.
  • Guest posts, Collaborations, and Networking - Discover additional avenues of local and online marketing that can quickly and effectively grow your community and lead to clients.
  • Lead Effective Workshops & Challenges - Discover how to hold a highly effective workshop/talk/challenge (either online or in person).
  • Create an Exceptional Website - Learn how to set up a simple and effective website that clearly communicates who you are and the powerful work you do.
  • Collect Powerful Testimonials - Discover how to get amazing testimonials from your clients. 

And, as soon as you join, you get to kick things off with 3 EXTRA special bonuses

  • BONUS 1: Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet - Learn how to create a free gift (also known as a lead magnet or opt in offer) that your ideal clients can’t wait to get their hands on. This will quickly build your email list and boost your authority.
  • BONUS 2: The Art of Newsletters - Discover how to write and send emails that nurture your relationship with your email list and inspire them to want to coach with YOU.
  • BONUS 3: Reach your Income Goals - Discover the keys to setting and accomplishing your income goals each month so that you can create consistent income and quit your 9-5

How's that for motivation?


Find Out Here!

Confidence and clients is the most comprehensive, step-by-step, implementation program specifically for health coaches who want to start a business and sign their first paying clients.

I’ve worked with hundreds of coaches and feel 100% confident that this program will provide you with the information and the personalized guidance you need to not only start your business, but become a more empowered and confident version of yourself.

When you join, you are part of a highly supportive community of like-minded coaches with big dreams and goals...just like you!

If you show up, participate and follow through on taking action, I know you’ll have everything you need to start signing paying clients. I want you to feel confident in your investment and because of that, I’m offering you a 14 day period to dive into the program and make sure it feels aligned with you.

If you feel the program is not aligned with your vision and goals at that time, simply reach out, show me you’ve put in the work and I’ll refund your investment. See refund policy HERE.

Buy Now

Plans for all levels

We know everyone is starting this coaching journey from different places. Whether you’re just starting out or have a few months under your belt, there's a payment option for you.

*Most Confident + Clients students are charging around $1000 or more for their programs so you could make your investment back with 3 clients!*

6 Easy Monthly Payments

  • Confidence and Clients - $7500
  • Kristin’s Guide to Creating a Lead Magnet that Builds your Email List with Ideal Clients - $1200
  • Kristin’s Guide to Building Connections with your Email List through Newsletters - $400
  • Kristin Guide to Reaching your Income Goals - $100

When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of:


Today's price:



One Payment

  • Confidence and Clients - $7500
  • Kristin’s Guide to Creating a Lead Magnet that Builds your Email List with Ideal Clients - $1200
  • Kristin’s Guide to Building Connections with your Email List through Newsletters - $400
  • Kristin Guide to Reaching your Income Goals - $100

When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of:


Today's price:



Check-in with yourself to see if these sneaky things are holding you back…

The opinions of others…

Often our well meaning friends and family think they know what is best for you, when in reality they don’t even have their own life figured out ;) They may be telling you, ‘It’s too risky’, ‘You’re throwing away a good career with benefits’, ‘Nobody will pay you for that’. 

The truth is only YOU know what is best for you. Don’t let other people decide how you live your life...this is a sure way to end up with regrets.

Fears and doubts…

‘I don’t know enough’ 

‘I’m not perfect, who am I to tell other people what to do?’

‘Nobody in my town/state/country will pay for coaching’ 

‘The coaching marketplace is oversaturated’ 

‘I don’t have anything new/good/interesting to talk about’

Everybody has these thoughts when they are first starting their business. The coaches who do it anyway, despite their fears and doubts, are the ones making a big difference and making money.

You think you should be able to figure out this whole ‘business thing’ on your own. 

I hate to break it to you, but nobody is born knowing how to start a successful business. I know thousands of coaches, all who have gotten support with starting their business. Trying to do it on your own or getting support from someone who has no clue what they are doing is choosing the path of frustration and wasting time, energy, and money on the wrong things.

‘What if I fail?’

The success of your business is a DECISION. It is not fate. If you are being called to start a coaching business, then you have the power within you to make it a success. The biggest tragedy in life is missing out on all that is possible for you because you don’t provide yourself with the opportunity to pursue the things you really want.

Not sold yet?

You’re ready to achieve amazing results in Confidence and Clients if….

  • You’re just getting started with your business-building efforts and want an easy-to-follow step-by-step game plan so you can optimize your time and energy by focusing on the actions that will build your business the quickest.
  • You’ve been trying to build your business for months (or even years) but haven’t attracted the clients or created the income you want. You’re not sure what you’re doing wrong, and want insight from someone who has built a successful coaching business and helped hundreds of other coaches, just like yourself.
  • You’re ready to prioritize building your business and are willing to put aside some time each week to dedicate towards this, as long as you have a strategic plan in place that allows you to focus on the actions that get results.
  • You want to learn what works to build a profitable online coaching business RIGHT NOW. And you want to find clients in a way that feels authentic and aligned for YOU.
  • You want to be able to ask questions and get feedback from someone who knows what they’re talking about (me!) You also want to be a part of a like-minded community of amazing coaches who ‘get you’ and will cheer you on, support you and inspire you.


I've got A's for your Q's

This course is for new and aspiring coaches. Many of my clients have a background in health care, holistic health, health coaching or life coaching. I'm passionate about health and mindset and have training in holistic health and life coaching. I work with coaches who focus in a variety of areas of, mindset, relationships, money, spirituality, etc. If you work in the healthcare field and are wanting to start a wellness consulting or coaching business this is 100% for you. I've worked with nurses, OT's PT's, dentists, NP's, PA's, naturopaths, acupuncturists, personal trainers, massage therapists, therapists, counselors, etc.

If you are 'successful' or not in business fully depends on YOU. It's up to you to show up, implement, trust the process, and do the work to grow. I will be there guiding you and answering your questions along the way, but ultimately you are the one thinking the thoughts and taking the actions that lead to your results. I've worked with 100's of coaches and have seen my clients accomplish amazing things…$25K months, a fully booked roster of clients, quitting their jobs to coach full-time, and huge boosts in their confidence and coaching skills. The people who dive in fully and do the work are the ones who not only get clients, but become more confident and authentic versions of themselves.

Yes, you have the option to make a one time payment of $3000 or choose the monthly payment of $575/month for 6 months.

If you show up, participate and follow through on taking action, I know you'll have everything you need to start signing paying clients. I want you to feel confident in your investment and because of that, I'm offering you a 14 day period to dive into the program and make sure it feels aligned with you. If you feel the program is not aligned with your vision and goals at that time, simply reach out, show me you've put in the work and I'll refund your investment. See refund policy linked below.

The calls are Wednesdays at 12 pm ET/11 am CT/10 am MT/9 am PT. They are approximately 60 to 90 minutes long. If you can't stay for the entire call, that is not a problem.

Some of my clients can't make the group calls because of conflicts in their schedule. This is totally okay. All of the calls are recorded and you have access to the recordings while you are in the program. You can also submit questions to me before the call and I will answer them on the call even if you do not attend. In addition to this, there is a private Facebook group just for the participants of the program and this is a great place to ask questions and get feedback from both me and your peers.

I totally get it because I used to feel the same way. What I have discovered is that my clients get even BETTER results when they are part of a group because of the amazing energy and support of a like-minded community. This is so powerful. You will also have the opportunity to receive coaching from me personally on the weekly calls and in the Facebook group. EVERY question you ask will be answered. You will also be assigned an accountability partner (a fellow coaching participating in the program) to meet with each week.

You have access to the membership site and all the content forever (or as long as the program exists) so you can come back to it at any time. I also offer a variety of opportunities to continue working together if you want additional support.

This is totally fine. I barely used social media before starting my business. I have learned to love it because it is a powerful tool for building your business and connecting with clients all around the world. I will teach you everything you need to know about starting to market your business using social media. If you decide you don't want to use social media, that is perfectly fine too. I provide you with other marketing options.

NO! Absolutely not. Barely any of my clients are clear on their ideal client BEFORE we start working together. We will go through this together! You will get my support in figuring it out. No matter how stuck you feel when it comes to deciding who you want to work with, I feel 100% confident I can help you.

No. Once again this is something I walk you through when we work together. I show you how to create your very own signature program and help you find the right price point. Hint...we can get your program created in 1 week or less and I will show you how! It's way less complicated than you think ;)

No! You can start right now. Do you feel you can help someone live a healthier/happier life at this time? If yes, then start. Your future clients need you now, not after you complete some training course. Start your business and continue to build upon your coaching and wellness toolkit as you go. You will constantly be adding to your expertise and tweaking how you help your clients. Don't wait to "know everything" before you start. You'll be waiting forever.

Most of my clients choose to work as a 'coach' or 'consultant' and not under their practitioner/medical license. They use their medical experience simply as a part of their story and background. You can continue to work under your medical license and be a coach at the same time. Just keep the two totally separate.

YES, absolutely. You don't need ANYTHING set up before we get started. I will guide you with everything you need to know.

YES! Definitely! The program content is split up over 6 months so that you have enough time to go through it while living your current life. Many of my clients are working full-time and are parents. I recommend putting aside 5 hours a week to dedicate to the program. If you have more time, awesome, you'll be able to dive deeper into the material. One of the skills you'll learn in the program is how to schedule your business into your life so that you make the progress you want.

The course is 6 months long. After the 6 months, you will continue to have access to the course materials but will no longer have access to the group calls and Facebook group. If you are interested in getting additional support after the 6 months, I have various options available for us to continue working together.

This is totally up to you! I have many coaches who sign their first client within the first month or two of us working together.

Yes, absolutely! I've worked with many clients internationally. There is opportunity for a successful coaching business in all countries! What matters, is that you present what you do in a way that people 'get it' and see the value in it. This is what I'll show you how to do.

No. This is a self-paced program so that you can fit the program to your schedule and spend more/less time where you need it. We are all unique so I want you to have the flexibility to make the program work best for you. You have access to all the content right away so that you have everything you need to start working with clients ASAP. The calls and Facebook group are places to get your questions answered no matter where you are in the program. You will find that all questions are applicable to you. I've been running my programs with this format for years and continue to hear how powerful it is to be with people who are at different parts of the program so you can learn from, inspire and support each other. If you want, I will team you up with an accountability partner who started around the same time so you can keep each other on track, practice and collaborate. You will also get to know your peers and be part of an amazingly supportive community. Many of my clients stay friends and continue to support one another even after the program is complete.

So glad you asked! This program is specifically designed for coaches who want the freedom and flexibility to run their business from their laptop. If you want to offer 'in person' coaching, awesome, but the foundation of your business will be mobile. I've created this program to provide you with both the information and the support you need to get your business up and running and to sign your first clients. By the end of the program, you will have a solid foundation in place that you can build a successful business upon. The program provides you with a reasonable timeline to implement everything you need to run a successful business (while living your life) so that you get the most out of our time working together. Many other programs try to jam pack way too much into a tiny time frame...hello overwhelm. You will be given an easy-to-follow step-by-step game plan for EVERYTHING you need to do to start your business and sign clients. No more trying to piece it together and figure it out on your own. You also have access to life-changing mindset trainings that will boost your confidence as a coach. You will BELIEVE that you can create a successful business and the life you want. You will find these techniques invaluable in your own life and can apply them to your own coaching practice. The biggest thing is that you have weekly access to ME! I'm there to support you and provide you with feedback as you move forward. You get to be part of a like-minded community of motivated coaches who 'get' you, understand the challenges of starting a business and will cheer you on.


Questions answered and ready for clients?