Happy March!

That means spring is right around the corner, right?!

With the (hopefully) warmer weather and time change (longer days…yay!) comes thoughts of new beginnings and growth. Spring forward, right?

Last week, I hosted a call on how to get yourself ‘unstuck’. I know we all go through periods in our life where we feel stuck. Stuck in our job. Stuck in a less than awesome relationship. Or stuck fighting our weight and food.

I spent over a decade of my life feeling stuck and lost. I kept waiting for things to change. I was waiting for an epiphany or a savior, or something to snap me out of my haze. It became a waiting game.

I would tell myself ‘as soon as’ I got a handle on my emotional eating, then I could allow myself to relax and have more fun. ‘As soon as’ I lost the weight, then I could go on that vacation to the beach. ‘As soon as’ I made money being a chiropractor (since this is what I went to school for), then I could do what I really wanted (which is coaching).

No wonder I was stuck and turning to food!

Often, we stop ourselves from doing the things we feel called to do, the things that make us happy and are fun. Life becomes lackluster, we feel bored and unfulfilled and turn to food to fill our unmeet needs.

I found that getting clear on my desires and passions and then deciding to go after those things NOW…not as soon as I lost the weight or felt ready…is the most powerful thing I did to transform my relationship with food and my body.

I see the same thing in my clients.

When you put your focus on the things that light your fire, then all that background chatter that keeps you obsessing about your weight fades away….and then so does the weight. Magic! 

So, yes, you really can have it all. Your dream career as a health coach or wellness entrepreneur, a body you love and a drama-free relationship with food.

I am thrilled about helping you spring forward and break through all those pesky limiting beliefs so that you can build a successful wellness business that you love NOW.

Not someday when you lose the weight, know more, and feel ready (because lets be honest, you will never feel ready and there will never be a perfect time).

I am tweaking my coaching packages so that they are centered around helping you get crystal clear about your ideal business and then providing the support and guidance to get your online presence up and running.

We will also cover mindset and confidence building so that you don’t feel held back by your weight or not knowing enough.

During your 90 day mentorship you’ll receive clarity around and support implementing your personalized:

Target market (niche)
Signature offering and pricing
Marketing plan to attract clients
Website and branding
Opt-in offer
And much more

Lots of love,

Kristin xo

P.S. If you are ready to spring forward in your coaching business and gain the clarity + purpose + passion that is going to get you moving toward a business and body you love, I invite you to book a complimentary clarity call today.

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For those of you who missed it, you can listen to the recording here. In this call I teach you 5 steps to getting yourself ‘unstuck’. Learn how to break free so that you can create peace with food, love your body and have a career that lights you up.

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