Do you find yourself logging onto facebook only to be sucked down the never-ending hole of comparisons?
You know what I mean, right?!
You log on and an hour later you are feeling totally discouraged because everyone else is living a big magical life and rocking it out in their businesses.
You are left wondering what you have to offer that would make someone choose to work with you? You are just getting started!
You don’t have a fancy website, you don’t have a list, and you don’t have a bunch of photos of you looking like a supermodel to post all over your website.
You feel ready to give up before you even get started.
I totally get it!
I’ve been there many many times.
In fact, I have had to make a conscious effort to be very vigilant with how I spend my time on social media. I know that I am super sensitive to the overwhelming amount of information and energy that facebook exposes me too.
Facebook is an amazing tool for building a business, networking and finding long lost friends.
But it is easy to fall down the trap of comparing yourself to what everybody else is doing and accomplishing; and losing yourself in the process.

Tips for staying out the craziness of social media
1. Limit the number of times that you sign on to facebook during the day and the amount of time that you stay on. Set a timer on your phone!

2. Do not work with facebook open on you computer so that you are constantly checking every time you get a new alert….I am guilty of this and it is so distracting and a huge waste of time and energy.

3. Realize that what people post on social media is a persona and does not give you the whole story (you are comparing someone’s front door to the messiness inside of your house)

4. It is great to get inspiration from other people, but realize that you are unique and your clients want to work with YOU so your message and branding should be an authentic reflection of your personality, interests and story.
As someone who spent most of my life looking to others to figure out who I should be and what I should do with my life, I know how easy it is to get swept away in the world of comparisons.
I recently found myself sliding down this slope as I started looking around at what other people in my coaching program were doing. I found myself thinking that I should do it like ‘her’ because she was having success in her business.
When I realized this, I decided that it was time to reestablish my boundaries around social media so that I could take a step away and reflect on what was true to me and my desires for what I put out into the world.
There are certain tools that work from business to business, but your message and your offering must be a true reflection of YOU. Your clients want to connect with YOU and your story. The more you, you are, the quicker your clients will come running

Love lots,

Kristin Xo

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