Authenticity has really become a bit of a buzzword lately, especially in the world of coaching and personal development.

In fact, it is something I talk about quite a bit myself. This is because starting my coaching business was the catalyst for discovering my true self. It forced me to peel away my masks and allow my authentic self to shine through. This has been key to my success as an entrepreneur.

So what exactly does being authentic mean?

I decided to ask my good friend, Webster.

Authentic: True to one’s own personality, spirit or character; Real or genuine: not copied or false; True or accurate

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with messages about how we should act, who we should be, how we should look and what makes us ‘successful’, it can be easy to lose our sense of self and conform.

The online world is an amazing tool for those of us starting businesses, but it can also become a trap of comparisons and judgments, causing us to lose the power of our unique message in favor of ‘trying to do it right’.

This is exactly what we are talking about in today’s podcast with writing coach and story strategist, Nicole Baute. Join us to discover how to find your authentic voice in your business.

In this episode we cover: 

  • How to write compelling copy from a place of authenticity
  • How to stand out in a loud online marketplace
  • How to overcome writer’s block
  • The power of allowing yourself to be vulnerable and share your story
  • Tips for making yourself more visible in your business
  •  How to connect with your ideal clients through your writing
  •  Plus Nicole shares an exercise you can start doing today to help you find your voice


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