Do you have lots of ideas for your business but no idea where to start?

You’re wondering…how do I make this real?

Perhaps you’re feeling like an imposter and telling yourself you need more qualifications and certifications before you start your business…even if you have a background in a health profession.

The idea of getting visible in your business scares the sh!t out of you and makes you want to run and hide….

That is exactly how my client, Amelia, felt before we started working together.

Amelia is a nurse who reached out to me because she had dreams of creating more freedom and flexibility in her life so she could move, travel and set her own schedule…but she had no idea how to make this vision her reality.

Since we’ve started working Amelia has gotten clear on her messaging and created a coaching program she feels totally confident in.

She’s signed 6 clients and increased her prices!

She feels confident in her coaching abilities and her clients are getting amazing results.

And she’s been able to scale back from working full-time because she is making more than enough money in her coaching business to make up for the hours. And she feels certain that she’s well on her way to going full-time in her coaching business! Yay!

In this week’s video, I chat with Amelia about her experience working together to start her coaching business.

Click HERE to hear her story!

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