I spent an amazing weekend playing in the Colorado mountains. My cousin was in town visiting from DC so we were running around trying to get in as much fun as we could while she was here. This included the Denver Art Museum, a day exploring and hiking in Boulder and a day spent scaling the 14,000 ft Mt. Evans.

I was grateful to be feeling good enough to get out and play since I had spent the first part of the week sick in bed. This reminded me once again of the importance of really listening to our bodies and making sure that we allow ourselves enough rest and relaxation (especially when we are going through life changes or dealing with particularly stressful situations). I pushed a bit too hard with my traveling and then crashed (got sick) and was forced to spend some time resting.

After four days, I felt much better and had a renewed appreciation for typically feeling pretty fabulous. And I was also reminded of the strong connection between our mind and body and how an imbalance in one can largely impact the other…thus the power and importance of health/wellness/life coaching.

Saturday, when I was hiking with my cousin in Boulder, I struggled. A lot! In fact, I had to sit down every 5 minutes (and no, that is not an exaggeration) because I thought I was going to pass out.

As someone who typically is pretty active, this was rather humbling. But after a week of being sick and eating very little, in addition to the high altitude, I was dragging.

Truly, I wanted to plop my butt down on a rock and just let my cousin continue on to the top without me, but she insisted that we could go as slow as I needed. So I continued, slowly, taking lots of breaks and eventually made it up to the top where I got to enjoy the amazing views.

The fact that the hike was such a struggle, made making it to the top all the more gratifying…even though the journey really pushed my limits.

This is often reflected in our experiences with starting and growing our business. It really forces us out of our comfort zone. We do things that normally we would shy away from because they are a necessary part of getting visible and growing our business.

We start taking action without having to know the outcome first and we start trusting our decisions. We learn to be okay with hearing ‘no’ and stumbling and falling because we know that this is an essential process to accomplishing anything great.

When it comes to business building, making life changes, or scaling a mountain, it is all about taking action, trusting the process, being okay with falling, going at a pace that works for you, and asking for help when you need it.

These keys make the difference between the people who (1. Never really start 2. Start and give up 3. Start and push so hard that they burn out…and give up) and those who go on to accomplish the things they are dreaming of.

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Love & Mountains!


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