I enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous weekend at my family’s cottage on a lake in northern Wisconsin.
Saturday I went paddle boarding with Bailey. It was hot, breezy and sunny. I loved gliding over the smooth water and being able to see all the way down through the crystal clear water to the sandy bottom. Trees line the shore and the chirping birds and rustling leaves make for a tranquil symphony.
When we reached the opposite side of the lake, however, dark clouds quickly rolled in and the wind started howling. What began as a nice, calm, smooth ride unexpectedly became a fight to make it back home without tipping over. 
I was paddling with all my might, directly against the wind (the direction back, of course) and barely moving…or even moving backwards. Bailey was holding on for dear life and I’m sure swearing at me for taking him on this wild ride.
Needless to say, we made it back without tipping over. BUT IT WAS HARD and….a little scary and quite exhilarating. There were a number of times that I thought about giving up and parking on shore, but in my heart I knew I could do it so I persevered.

I wanted to share this story with you because this experience is very much like starting your business…or truly making any big change in your life.
Sometimes it is smooth sailing, with crystal clear water.
And other times you are navigating choppy waters wondering ‘what in the world was I thinking?!’
Fears, doubts, struggles and failure are part of EVERY journey. They are part of life for every single PERSON.
It is through our challenges that we learn and grow.
If we always choose the easy and fear-free route, we will never expand. We will never change.
And this is okay, if you are happy with where you currently are.
But if you want a different experience, you have to be willing to face your fears and take action…and continue taking action even when the going gets rough.
It is NOT ‘special magic talents’ that make the difference between those people who live the lives they are dreaming of and those who do NOT.

All that it takes for you to accomplish ANYTHING you want in life….so yes, the business and the life (health, relationships, travel, family, finances) is having the COURAGE to START and the PRESERVERENCE to continue on no matter what.
Oh and one more thing, GUIDANCE. If you are lost, do not be afraid to ask for help from someone who has traveled the path before you. This could make the difference between accomplishing something in weeks or months vs. years or never at all.
Luckily our lake is small and I could see the shore and the way home the whole time, but had that not been the case, I would have flagged down a fellow lake dweller to help me get home.
Do you find yourself avoiding your fears and challenges? Do you take the safe and easy route because the mere thought of failure sends you running to hide?
What is ONE little baby step that you can take to help you move forward toward the business and life you desire?
Lots of love,


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