Have you ever had the feeling that you are on the quest for something that is always just out of your reach? And you are not even sure exactly what it is that you are looking for?
I’ve had this feeling since I graduated from high school. I’ve been searching. Looking. Wandering. Always feeling that there is another step, another journey that I must complete.
My wandering has taken me from studying advertising to kinesiology to graphic design to interior design to chiropractic to functional medicine to applied kinesiology to transformational coaching to business coaching…oh my! And I have wandered from Wisconsin to Colorado to Arizona to Chicago to Iowa to California to Florida and back to Wisconsin.

Did I find what I was looking for?
Yes and it took me 15 years to figure out what it was that I was even looking for in the first place.
So what was it?
Myself….more specifically my true self.
Funny how we can spend our whole life searching the world for something that cannot be found, except for within.
So how did I get so lost in the first place?
Somewhere along the line, I decided that I wasn’t good enough the way I was and needed to transform myself into someone better. So I attempted to morph myself into that perfect person I envisioned.

I would compare myself to the girls around me and think….if only I were like her…. then I will be successful, fulfilled, happy, etc.
Obviously, this did not work and led to me feeling more and more lost and disconnected from who I really was.
We all know that we can’t be anyone other than ourselves, but we continue to try.
We are presented with expectations from society, media, schooling, friends and family about who we should be and what we should do with our lives.
We often follow these expectations and then are left feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and lost and end up turning to food, relationships, drugs, alcohol, shopping etc to fill this gapping hole inside of us.
I spent years caught up in a eating disorder that I know was a result of trying to be someone other than myself. I was never able to become that perfect person I envisioned and instead became an empty shell in the process.
It was through becoming an entrepreneur and building a business that is a true reflection of who I am and what I want to bring to the world, that I was able to finally reconnect with my true self and my desires for my life.
It has been a twisty turny journey with ups, downs and rock bottoms. I definitely did not take the quick and direct route to find myself but I do know that the struggles and experiences that I have had along the way only strengthen my ability to be a powerful coach.

For those of you who continue to put your dreams on hold…in your business and your life, I want you to know that you don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to have it all figured out before you start.
Becoming an entrepreneur, especially a coach, is the best personal development course you could hope for.
It is the perfect opportunity to figure out who you really are, what your true calling is and who you are meant to serve.

Through coaching others, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your challenges…yes we all have them.
And the more YOU, you are, the more you will attract the absolute perfect people that you are meant to work with.
So this is my invitation to start your business now, not someday when you have it all figured out. Through getting clear on your desires for your business and life and figuring out how you are meant to make a big difference, you will be led to your true self.

Love lots,

Kristin Xo

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