Yesterday we wrapped up the last day of the 7 Day Business and Confidence Boost challenge.
I was so impressed by the inspiring stories, passion and courage of the ladies who participated in the challenge!
As a new entrepreneur it takes a lot of courage to break through your old comfortable ways and make yourself visible.
Starting a business brings all your old fears to the surface. This may sound scary, but truly it is the very best thing for your business and overall life.
It was through starting my business that I was able to gain clarity around what I really wanted in life and my business and develop the skills and drive to actually make this my reality.
I was forced to face my fears head on. I had two choices:
1. Stay small, stuck and ‘safe’
2. Push through my fears so that I could create the business and life I dreamed of
I had chosen option number 1 for most of my life. Doing what I thought I ‘should’ be doing, trying to fit in, trying to win others’ approval. I ended up overwhelmed, depressed and totally consumed by my dysfunctional relationship with food and my body.
Obviously what I was doing wasn’t working for me.
When I was introduced to coaching, I knew it was what I was meant to be doing. It would allow me the freedom I desired while still doing the heart centered work I loved.
But I was scared!
What would people think of me? They would think I was throwing away by education (Doctor of Chiropractic) to follow some silly dream. What if I failed? What if I couldn’t make money coaching? What if I couldn’t help people? How would I get started? How would I find clients?
Sound familiar?
I hear the same fears from all the new health coaches I work with.
The truth is yes, it is scary to start your own business. Yes, it is a risk. Yes, you have a lot to learn.

And Yes, it is totally worth it!
Starting my coaching business has truly transformed my life. And it was the catalyst that allowed me to finally create peace with food and my body.
I believe that if you are being called to do big things that you will never truly be happy unless you listen.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. ~Mark Twain

So how do you push through the fear of starting your coaching business?
1. Get clear on your WHY! 
I talk about this a lot, but that is because it is THAT important!
As a coach you will have two whys:
Why do you want to help others?
Why do you want to be a coach? How will this impact your life?
2. Identify your fears.
Most fears stem from limiting beliefs that are untrue. Once you identify them, then you can recognize them when they pop up and transform them into the affirmations that will serve you.
3. Determine one baby action step you can take to push through your fear. Little acts of courage add up and get you moving in the direction you desire.
I will be running the 7 Day Challenge again for those ladies who missed out on the first round. The challenge will boost your confidence and clarity and help you jumpstart your coaching business. The ladies who participated in the first round really loved it!

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