Having freedom and flexibility in my life has always been super important to me. In fact, this is a big part of the reason why I started my coaching business. I get to do work I absolutely love and I get to set my own schedule and work from anywhere!
Definitely a dream come true.
But at the same time, I have realized how important setting goals and planning is to my business.
When we skip the goal setting and planning and go right into taking action, then we are moving forward blindly, hoping that the action we take MAY result in the outcome we want.
When it comes to our business, the result we want is clients + income. This way we are reaching our goals of helping people and creating a successful business. BOTH of which are essential components to running a purpose-based business that leaves us feeling fulfilled and supports us in creating the lifestyle we desire.
One of the biggest traps that new entrepreneurs get stuck in is skipping the planning and going right to taking action. Random action, however, often gets little, if any results.
This is incredibly frustrating because you are expending A LOT of time and energy into your business and NOT seeing RESULTS. And then often you conclude that you are a failure or don’t have what it takes to run a successful business.
You simply need to have a plan in place so that you know what action to take and WHY. This allows you to create a system that works for you to:
1. Attract your ideal clients
2. Grow a community filled with your ideal clients
3. Transform potential clients to actual paying clients

All three of these are essential if you want to have consistent clients and income.
Having a solid plan in place allows you to know exactly what actions to be taking when. And to differentiate those actions that actually help you move forward in your business towards your goals verses those that keep you hidden ‘preparing’ to launch your business.
And yes, many people allow themselves to get stuck in the ‘preparing to launch’ phase for months or even years.

So, how do you start coming up with a plan so you can get unstuck and start moving forward?
1.  Get clear on your vision for your business.
This can transform as you build your business but it is essential to have a starting point for what you want your business to look and feel like.
2. Set a goal for the month.
Often we are looking out too far and trying to set goals that seem totally overwhelming….ie: create a 6-figure coaching business by the end of the year…What??? Where do I even begin?!
Start setting monthly goals…i.e. get 1 new client. That seems much more doable.
3. Decide what actions you NEED to take to reach your monthly goal.
Make a list. And only include things that bring you closer to booking a client.
Unsure of what these actions are? This is where getting help in your business comes in mighty handy.
4. Break monthly to-do list into weekly action items.
5. Break weekly items down into daily items. (I typically do this Sunday nights for the week ahead)
A little planning does wonders for those of us who are easily overwhelmed or distracted. And truly it is key for creating the freedom and flexibility that we desire in our business.
Have a beautiful rest of the week.
Big love!


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