Do you have faith in your power to create a life you love?
This is a question that has popped up for me over and over again throughout the years and one that I find many of my clients facing.
Growing up I had big dreams of adventure, traveling, art, living by the ocean, owning horses, saving puppies and doing something BIG with my life.
Somewhere along the way, I tucked my dreams away and starting making decisions based on what I thought I ‘should’ be doing and what was the reasonable and secure option.
When I stopped following my heart and chose the approval of others over my desires, I lost faith in myself.
It wasn’t until I got really clear on what I wanted my life to look like and decided that I was going to make that my reality…no matter what…that I reconnected with my faith. For me, continuing to live a life that bored me to tears was not an option. Deciding to become an entrepreneur was truly the major jumping off point in my journey to strengthening my faith in myself
It is essential to have faith in your power to create a business and life you love.
This is where I see many new entrepreneurs getting stuck on the sidelines. They don’t fully believe in their ability to create a successful business and because of this are scared to invest their time, energy and money into getting their business started.

Faith is taking the first step, even when you can’t see the whole staircase ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Here are 5 steps you can take to regain faith in yourself and your abilities to create an successful business
1. Let go of the past. Just because you failed at something in the past, does not mean that you are doomed to repeat that pattern again. Each day is a new start and you have the power to change yourself and your life circumstances.
2. Don’t worry about the future. We have a tendency to jump ahead to some imagined future event and start worrying about it – even though it hasn’t happened. This is silly. Your power is in the present moment.
3. Don’t give a f$%K what other people think of you. Yes, this one requires a little swearing. You are here to live YOUR life. Don’t dedicate your life to living in a way that makes the people around you happy. People you love may not approve of your decisions. That is okay. LET it GO.
4. Visualize. What do you want your life to look like? What do you want your business to look like? More importantly, how do you want to feel? Spend 5 minutes a day visualizing what you want your business and life to look and feel like.
5. Ask for guidance and support. Each of us is fully supported by God/the universe. Many of us have forgotten the power of this connection. The key to tapping into this greater power is ASKING for support and guidance. Ask God/the universe and ask friends, family, business mentors, etc. We were not placed on earth to struggle alone. We are here to work together. Support and guidance is given when you ask for it.

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