A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms ~Zen Shin

I have spent the past few weeks feeling a bit stuck in my business.
I couldn’t figure out what had changed and why I was suddenly feeling like my creativity and inspiration had come to a dead stop.
It wasn’t until I spoke with my coach last week and explained what was going on that I was able to see quite clearly why I was feeling stuck.
I was getting caught up in what all the coaches around me were doing and losing focus on my own mission and work. I was looking outside myself for inspiration and therefore was feeling lost.
As an entrepreneur, it can be all too easy to slide down the slippery slope of comparisons and competition and become disconnected from why we started our business in the first place.
So I spent this last week reconnecting with my big WHY. Why did I start my business? Who am I meant to serve? What do I want to offer?
And this is my WHY: I show women the truth: That they are beautiful and powerful. I help them connect with their passions and purpose so they can create a business and life they love.
I find that connecting with your purpose is often the missing key to feeling fulfilled and at peace.

For so long I tried to fill this void with food, which led to an ongoing battle with food and my body.
Often we tell ourselves that we can pursue our purpose and passions after we lose weight and stop battling food. But this only keeps us stuck.
It is through connecting with your purpose that you are able to focus on helping others and step away from your obsession with perfecting yourself.

On the spiritual plane, you have no competitors. There is no competition for your position, as you are a unique expression of the Mind of God. You not only have a place in the universe; you have an essential function in the universe. Only you can do the job of being you, and the universe itself is left incomplete without you. It is not arrogant but humble to realize this, as you place yourself in service to the greatest drama there is: the actualization of your own potential. ~Marianne Williamson
Beautiful, right?
So many of us get caught up in thinking ‘who am I to go out there and create my own business and go after all those things I desire? I can’t help others until I perfect myself! There are so many people out there already doing what I want to do…or something similar. How will I ever stand out? How can I compete?’
The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to compete with anyone else! You are unique and no one else can take your place. You also don’t have to ‘have it all figured out’ before you can help others.
When you allow your light to shine, it does not take away light from anyone else. Instead, it inspires others to let their own light shine.

Love lots! xo


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