I am so grateful that my Sundays are no longer filled with dread for the week ahead. Before I started my coaching practice, I would despise the end of the weekend because I knew it meant another week spent working a job that bored me to tears and left my heart aching to do the work I knew I was meant for.
I would cringe when I would hear people say ‘back to reality’ talking about the return of the week and all the mundane tasks that accompanied it. I would wonder why we had to spend our weeks doing things we disliked, living for the freedom of our short weekends and vacations – where we could finally do the things that really lit us up.
It was during my last job that I truly hit my breaking point and decided that I was no longer available to work a job that was not my true calling. I was completely miserable, and using my dysfunctional relationship with food to numb the pain of going to a job everyday that I hated. I even started to develop heart palpitations from the stress of working in an environment that was so misaligned with who I was and what I truly desired to be doing.
So Yes, I 100% believe that having a career that lights you up is ESSENTIAL to your health and happiness.
Making the leap to start my coaching business was the catalyst for healing my relationship with food and my body and for overcoming the various health complaints I was experiencing (digestive issues, acne, extreme fatigue, anxiety and heart palpitations).
This is not to say that starting your business is easy and stress free. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Failure is inevitable. And you have to be okay with being imperfect, making yourself visible and standing up for who you are and what you believe in.
But this is ALL worth it!
Now I never have to fear ‘going back to reality’ because my reality is being my own boss, setting my own hours, having the freedom to work from anywhere and best of all: helping women, like you, follow your dreams of starting a successful coaching business so that you can live on purpose and truly enjoy your life.

I know it can be easy to get stuck in the space where you are ‘kind of’ working on starting your business but haven’t fully committed to making your business work no matter what! Often we think that if we don’t really commit, then we can’t really fail. But if you don’t really commit, you can never succeed. 
I find that when you get clear about your vision for your business and have a plan to make this vision your reality, then the real magic happens. This is the beauty of coaching and in having someone to support and guide you as you start on your path as an entrepreneur.
I am super passionate about helping new coaches, like you, achieve the clarity, confidence and business and marketing tools necessary to take the leap and start their businesses.

I want to help you create a reality that you love so you can wake up excited about your work and life.
If you are ready to create a successful coaching business you love, I invite you to schedule a complementary clarity call with me where we will get clear on your vision for your business and talk about how we can make this your reality.

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