I’m spending the next week or two working from my family’s cottage on a lake in northern Wisconsin. It’s the perfect place to get away, relax and recharge my intuition and creativity. Plus, I’m right on the lake so I have amazing views while I work and I can easily take paddle boarding/jet skiing/swimming/hiking in the woods breaks.
I’m incredibly grateful for the flexibility and the freedom to work whenever and wherever I want. This allow my business to fit seamlessly into the lifestyle I desire to be living…which for me means plenty of time playing outside and traveling.

When I was getting started in my coaching business, one of the biggest blocks that stood between me and the freedom I desired was my mindset around money.
I was squeamish about charging for my services.

  • Who was I to charge that price for my services?
  • Did I know enough?
  • Did I have enough experience?
  • What if people didn’t get the results they wanted?
  • I should just be helping people out of the kindness of my heart, right?!

And I had a lot of limiting beliefs about money and my ability to create the income I desired such as:

  • Debt is bad
  • Making money is hard
  • I don’t have what it takes to run a successful business
  • I’m not extroverted or pushy and therefore will not be effective at marketing

Sound familiar?
Through my own entrepreneurial journey and through working with my clients, I have seen how our deeply engrained beliefs around money can hold us back from being successful in our businesses.
Many of these beliefs were handed down to us when we were young from our parents, church, schools, the media, etc. and we have just come to accept them as our own.
As coaches, we are passionate about helping others live happy, healthy, abundant lives. In order to make the big impact we dream of, however, we must be making the money in our business to support the lifestyle that allows US to be our happiest, healthiest selves. This means THRIVING in all areas of our lives…and yes, money is an imperative part of the equation…so that you can do work you love, travel, stay home with your kids, buy the organic groceries, splurge on the beautiful dress, etc.
It is through living our dreams that we inspire others to do the same.
You can start shifting your mindset around money NOW.
The key is to notice your current limiting beliefs around money and charging for your services so that you are aware of them when they pop up and so you can start shifting your beliefs to ones that support your goals.

I find the following three concepts incredibly helpful for shifting your money mindset when it comes to your business.
1. Shift your mindset from selling to serving.
Most of us cringe at the idea of coming across as a pushy salesman. Coaching is not about selling something, it is about serving your client. You provide a service that people desperately need. You have the ability to change lives…but if you aren’t willing to get visible and tell people what you have to offer (including the price), then the people that are meant to work with you, will never find you.
2. Your clients will get WAY better results when they are investing money into your services…at a price that feels like a reach to them.
If you ever coached someone for free or at a very low price, you may know what I am talking about. When people invest in themselves in a high level, they are committed to the results. They are serious about making changes and are willing to follow through and do what it takes to reach their goals…even when the going gets rough.
3. Charging a price that is aligned for you and your client equals an even energetic exchange.
Money is energy. Your time, effort, knowledge, support and love are energy. The coaching process will be most effective and fulfilling for both you and your client when this exchange is equal.

Love, freedom & abundance, 

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