I just arrived back in the Midwest after 4 weeks spent traveling to some of the most beautiful places in the United States. This trip has been an absolutely amazing experience, and I know that my business and life will be forever changed because of it.

Before I started my coaching business, I never would have believed that an extended trip like this was possible for me. I would look longingly at other people’s adventures and think ‘oh they are so lucky.’ But now I see the truth, those people weren’t lucky, they simply knew what they wanted and went after it. Sounds simple, and it is, but often we allow our doubts and fears to stand in our way.
Each time I make a change in my life or try something new, (like a month spent traveling while working in my coaching business) I am faced with fears and doubts. I used to let this stop me in my tracks, but now living a life I love is non-negotioable and worth every ounce of discomfort as I push through more and more fears.
For me, creating my coaching business was a huge catalyst for changing my whole life. It aligned me with my purpose and forced me to ask the questions and discover the answers that would allow me to move past the blocks keeping me stuck in an abusive relationship with food and living a life that felt empty and uninspired.
The more I follow my intuition and live and work in a way that feels aligned for me, the happier, freer and more at peace I feel. This trip felt so right for me and the experiences and realizations that I had along the way just reinforced that I was taking aligned, inspired action for me.

Here are a few of my lessons from my travels:
1. Living on purpose and a life I love equals peace with food and my body.
I struggled with food and my body image for so long, I started to lose hope that I would ever move beyond this. I spent years chasing the ‘right’ diets and learning all I could about health and nutrition, only to finally discover that this was only a teeny tiny piece of the overall puzzle of true wellness and happiness.
As I started my coaching business, this struggle faded away. During my month long trip I did not place one foot in the gym and ate out at EVERY single meal, yet came back looking and feeling lighter, fitter and healthier. This just reinforces my belief that living in alignment truly is the answer to ending our battles with food and our bodies.
2. Creating a schedule that includes specific blocks of time for working on my business and time totally away from my business is essential.

I have the bad habit of often allowing this line to blur. And then I end up ‘kind of’ working and not being efficient. This takes away from my time for relaxation and fun. When I was traveling, I stuck to my schedule, was efficient and had way more time available for FUN! 
3. Little to no time spent browsing the internet and getting sucked into the social media black hole equals a much happier and more inspired me.

Because I was determined to stick to my schedule, I did not allow myself to dillydaddle online. Yes, I was still present on social media and interacted with the people I wanted to, but I stopped there. I was not browsing, looking at what everyone else was doing and allowing myself to get distracted from what is true for me. I am super sensitive to the crazy energy of social media and felt much more at peace and aligned when I only was online for a short period of the day.
4. I desire the balance of a home base with a strong community, along with the added excitement and adventure of travel.

I am a wanderer and love to travel, explore and try new things. At the same time, this month long trip of moving from place to place left me exhausted.
For me, it is important to have a strong home base where I feel that I am part of a like-minded community. I also desire the flexibility in my business and life to be able to travel when I want and for as long as I want. So a home base + the ability to be a traveling nomad when I feel like it = perfection.
5. Dating is fun and a great way to meet new people, be more social and try new things.

I took myself off of the dating market for years…yes, that is correct, YEARS. Truly, I had zero interest. I was so consumed by my own drama and unhappiness that I had little attention or energy left to give to anyone else. On top of this, I had no idea who I really was and therefore, what I desired in a relationship.
I was inspired by some single ladies on my trip to give Tinder a try and truly I am so grateful that I did. I had a ton of fun with the guys I met and did activities (chasing waterfalls, archery, paddle boarding and rock climbing) that I probably would not have done otherwise.
6. Following my intuition leads me down the right path, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense or seem ‘reasonable’ in the moment. The key is to trust this feeling. 

As I mentioned earlier, I allowed my intuition to lead this trip. I didn’t plan things ahead of time and allowed myself to do what felt right in the moment. Everything, from the places I stayed at, to the people I met, to the activities I did, fell into place perfectly. I trust that I experienced and met everyone that I was meant to along the way.

As an entrepreneur, your business truly is an extension of you and your life. The more aligned you get with the life and the experiences that you desire, the more freedom and flow you will experience in your business.
Often I see aspiring coaches forever waiting to start their business because they believe they must fix their problems, get all their ducks in a row, save a certain amount of money and perfect themselves first. You DON’T!

In fact, aligning with your purpose and starting your business is often the catalyst for great change and growth in all areas of your life. I have seen this in myself, my clients and my colleagues.
I love helping women break through the fears that are holding them back from creating a business and life that they truly love. If it is possible for me, it is 100% possible for you too. You just have to decide that you are NOT WILLING to settle for less.

If you are ready to start creating a coaching business that you absolutely love and that allows you to live a life aligned with your desires, I invite you to receive a complimentary discovery session. During this session, we will get clear on what steps you need to take to create the business and life you envision. To schedule your session, fill out this form, and I will get in touch with you to schedule our powerful time together.
To living your dreams,
Kristin   Xo

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