This week I am running a 7 Day business and confidence boost for health coaches and I am loving it! We are only on day 2 and I have been blow away by the inspiring stories, passion and gifts that each of these ladies has to give.
I am a big believer in following your heart, acknowledging your gifts and sharing them with the world.
I have met so many amazing ladies who feel like they are being called to do big things but they hold themselves back from pursuing this calling because:

  • they think they need to be perfect first
  • they think they need to know more or take just one more class first
  • or they don’t believe that they can really make a money doing what they love.

 Can you relate?
The thing is, this way of thinking keeps you stuck FOREVER.
There is always another class you can take, another book you can read, another pound you can lose. But I guarantee that doing these things will not make you feel any more ready to take the leap and start that business you have been dreaming of.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. 
~Pablo Picasso

Is it really possible to make a living doing something you love?
Um, Yes! There are examples of people doing this everywhere! What makes you so different, that this would not be possible for you?
I used to look at people who were following their passions, making a big difference in the world and living amazing lives and think that they were lucky to be so smart, talented, technologically savvy, business savvy, etc  And that their special talents were the reason that they were successful.
But now I see the truth: they are just like you and I.
The only thing holding you back from accomplishing these very same things is your belief about what is possible for you.
It all starts with your burning desire to follow your passions, share your gifts and live the life you desire. From there, it is just about making the decision to go out there and make it happen….not someday that may never come…but NOW.

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