We are enjoying some lovely spring weather here in the Midwest. And yes that does include some rain.
I have always been a fan of the rain…I love the soothing sound of raindrops on the roof while I drift off to sleep, I enjoy the cool crisp air that the rain brings and I love the fresh smell of wet earth.
While I was out and about yesterday, I noticed that a lot of people seemed particularly grumpy and blamed their mood on the gloomy skies and rain.
Just a few days earlier I had been reading a book that mentioned the power of our thoughts and used our feelings about rain as an example. This is a powerful realization that can be applied to all areas of our life and I just have to share it with you!


One person sees rain and gets sad because of their story about rain that they are believing. (It’s gloomy. It means I’ll be cooped up.)
Another person sees rain and gets happy because of their story about the rain. (It’s refreshing. It’s romantic. It grows my garden.)
It’s the same rain in both cases. Rain has no meaning until we add it.
Each person believes the rain is causing the feeling, but in neither case is the rain causing the feeling. In both cases it is the thought believed that is causing the feeling.
We add the meaning ourselves. Something happens, and we add the meaning of it.
Circumstance carries no meaning by itself.
Rain has no meaning. That’s the beauty of rain.

~Steve Chandler (The Time Warrior)


This concept can be applied to all areas of our life.
We all have to deal with ‘difficult’ situations in our life…addictions, starting a business, divorce, loss of a loved one, financial hardship, etc.
It is not the situation itself that causes our feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, overwhelm…but our thoughts and interpretation of that situation.
Therefore, you can only ever be overwhelmed by your thoughts about something, never the thing itself.
So as you apply this concept to starting and growing your business, remember that building a business is just a series of steps that can be done one at a time.
It is when we let our imagination run wild and think about every possible reason why things won’t work out, we aren’t good enough, don’t know enough….that we end up stuck in fear.
Realize that these are just stories we tell ourself and have no basis in truth.
The real power is that you are the author of the story of your life. So start telling yourself all the reasons that you are going to be successful.
You. Are. Powerful.
Lots of love xoxo

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